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Sunday, November 2, 2014

My handmade Christmas tree Ornament.

 Just like our grandmothers who were making homemade Christmas tree ornaments with what we can obtain from the house instead of spending tons of money buying it off the shop, we gather the whole family and have fun by making some creative ornaments. Some Christmas traditions are still cherished and continue even today. These handmade Christmas decorations have an unique appeal not only because they are cheap and easy to make, but also because we create memories with our family during the whole crafting process.

 Use buttons and ribbons to make these beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. If you want to add a bit of a glam our, paint them in gold. If you prefer their nautural hue, just add some beautiful checkered ribbon. For these Christmas tree crafts you can use also lots of nitty gritys and pieces of broken jewelries.

 If your kids love this , now you can see it through their eyes and discover how versatile can they actually be. Just arrange the the nitty grittys in the desired pattern, glue the parts together and paint with a glitter spray

Hope you enjoy looking at my button danglers and if you wish to purchase them kindly email me or leave a comment for me to see.