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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Second gift

This one is for Jane Anjana Christina.  Already delivered to her

The winners gifts

I selected the winners as Jane and Deborah.  I have delivered one gift and the other one awaiting her address.  Would like to show off the gifts I have given.  Hope it is nice.

This is for Deborah Jameson

My Elf game on Facebook

I had a little commenting game on my Facebook and I wanted to see who commented on it first. I took 3 days to see how many actually take the trouble to do but I was disappointed because only 8 took part and some just clicked on like only. I drew lots and picked up two winners on Saturday midnight.  It was fun at the same time disappointed to see how people actually not interested in anything except their own work and things

Monday November 10th

Wouldn't be lovely to see the first rays of the sunlight? It feels like its spreading it love all over us.  That is how I felt today. It is a beautiful Monday and I feel full of confidence and that today the start of the first day of the week is fantastic.  Hope the same to you all

I have got a full set of things to do:- that is reorganizing my workshop, and to start on my Christmas rendezvous.  I just love the sound if Christmas and I can feel the tingling feeling going down my spine.

Wish you all a happy day today and of course a blessed one as well.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fridays Blessings

Friday just whizzed passed today.  Time almost going to be 1pm.  I have been lazing about the day eating and making merry.  I guess my bad habits are getting bad to  worst.  Eating at the wrong time and the wrong food.  I tell myself to stop but the the food keeps on calling me Come savor me and then I was pulled by an invisible hand towards the food.

Well my will power has got the better of me and I have made my mind to zip my mouth.  Pray for me folks.  I did not sit on my beading today but here is something that a friend of mind did for me with love.a pendant and a coat lapel.

 Coat Lapel


Joe thank you very much for the lovely gift of love.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thoughts for the day

More Jewwlries

I am passionate about my beautiful and original designs. Each piece handcrafted and made to order with flawless attention to detail and craftsmanship. Resulting in a business that is fast becoming a very desirable jewellery brand.

 Email me if you are interested.


Yet another piece of art

This is my favorite.  I like the Egyptian pendant and earring.I used glass crystals brown, and gold.  This jewelry will make any woman glow.  I used vintage concept as the background

Thursdays Happenings

Well last night I sat down and created some necklaces. It took me a while to do this and finally I came up with 4 different designs. I am not sure what you think about it but I sincerely hope that this designs pleases you.

I used my sister's photograph as the backdrop.  I call this this piece of art Silver Autumn.  I used black  and white crystals and white pearls  to enhance the look of this jewelry.  What do you think?  Care to let me know


Timelesskeepsake  has been created especially for you using  glass, wooden beads and an assortment of charms


Just finished this  glass pearl bracelets just now and already did the photography for this.  




Wednesday's Posting

Hello and hai! I know its a wee bit late for greetings but I still to let you all know I am back for good with my blog.

Wish I could look trendy like this but I have lots of weight to  lose in order to look like this.  Hope to get moving on this. Well today I did 3 bracelets using white glass beads, colored lamp work beads and of course cute looking charms. I hope you like them.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Tuesday's Postings

Last night I sat down to do some cameo style bronze pendant chain and here are some of the outcome.  I have not started with the matching earrings but would create it once confirm orders from me.  But before that let me wish all of you a Fabulous Tuesday.  God Bless you all my friends.

Well what do you think about my work.  Anyone interested please leave a comment for me to see.  Thanks and have a good day.

Hang Tags

 I made some hang tags for my friends. Did not know I was creative.  Looks like when you sit and start designing you just gotta touch some tinsy winsy buttons your tags are done.
Well dearies hope you like my super duper tags.  Simple ones ya nothing elaborate.

Folks this is just my first trial.  Hope I can get some comments from you just to let me work more better in the near future.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thought for Christmas

This is Christmas: not the tinsel, not the giving and receiving, not even the carols, but the humble heart that receives anew the wondrous gift, the Christ.
- Frank McKibben

What Christmas Means to me.

Christmas, in these days, become the greatest religious festival in the world. In England, Christmas is celebrated by another height of religious passion. I’m also very fascinated about Christmas too and Christmas is my favorite time in the year. But the question is why we are celebrating Christmas. Many people in present days don’t know what is Christmas. They don’t know from where Christmas comes and why we celebrate it so loudly. Here, I’ll try to give you a short description about Christmas. Hope, you’ll get better understanding about Christmas and will be more passionate about it.

Christmas is not just about Christmas trees, light, stockings and gifts. There are more things that are associated with Christmas. Christmas comes for two words “Christ” and “Mass”. Here, the word “Christ” comes from the founder or prime figure of Christianity “Jesus Christ” and the word “Mass” means celebration. So, it’s clear to all now that we are celebrating Christ in Christmas. In specifically, we commemorate the birth of the Jesus Christ, messenger of God for the Christian, by Christmas. Jesus Christ was born on December 25 in the town of Bethlehem, Israel. Thus, December 25 is the Christmas holiday all over the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

In my life, every year Christmas come with exciting feeling. From November onwards, it’s not possible to forget that Christmas is ahead. I find that my surrounds is changing day by day to December 25. Town centers and shops all are decorate with different colored lights. Artificial snow painting on shop windows, along with shiny decorations, makes it looks very special. 'Christmas trees' is another exciting symbol to me. In streets and shops, ‘Christmas trees' (real or plastic evergreen 'conifer' trees) are also decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights. Like every home, in my home I also decorate a Christmas tree. Sending Christmas cards, a part of Christmas ceremony,...  and my mother always tells us that this day is special because a Saviour was born to save us.

Christmas Gifts

 I have already started buying gifts for my family and friends.  Better to start early because there will too much wrapping to do.  I hope this year I will be able to full fill my quota.